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Laugh Riot Press is an indie author’s awesome source for digital marketing, publishing, promotion, and Virtual Assistant services.

For many (if not most) writers, traditional or self-published, time is your critical career element.  The more time you have, the more writing you can do.  But to build and maintain a wide presence in today’s digital marketplace takes, well, time, and plenty of it.  Not to mention energy and focus and commitment.  Everyday.  For as long as you’re selling books.

At Laugh Riot Press, we alleviate that promotion pressure by managing your day-to-day book and author outreach programs.  We are your Virtual Assistant, constructing and managing your social media platforms, creating your ready-to-share content—and then sharing it—building and maintaining your wide web brand, and assisting you with Amazon, Goodreads, and Mailchimp.

We direct your virtual tours, handle your book review submissions, and write and distribute your press releases to the media and to bookstores across the country.

We do more than that, of course.  We create digital press kits and image content, including review cards, sell sheets, posters, and newsletters.  And we consult on all facets of indie book publishing and production.

We invite you to click around and find out what Laugh Riot Press can do for you.

Talk to us.  We can’t wait to help you spread the good word.