Q.1. Hi Jillianne, let's start with you telling us a little bit about yourself.

A.1. Like a lot of writers, my writing habit began very early on in life. I was obsessed with Drama and Musical Theatre class in high school and took as many writing classes as the school could offer me. I studied Journalism and Multimedia in college and now I’m a graphic designer in my 9-5 life. I love, love, love funny movies and TV shows, especially ones made by or featuring women. Right now is an amazing time for women in comedy.

Q.2. What inspired you to start your writing journey?  Authors who have inspired you along the way?

A.2. I’ve been dabbling in writing since I was a kid. Since then, I knew I wanted to write first-person POV stories featuring a female main character… but I just couldn’t think of a premise that interested me enough to stick with it. I’ve started hundreds of novels over the years. Louise Rennison’s Angus, Thongs & Full-Frontal Snogging series was a huge inspiration to me as well as Meg Cabot’s humor novels.  

Q.3. In addition to being a terrific indie author, you also started the excellent Tomfoolery Press.  Tell us about that.  

A.3. Tomfoolery Press is a blog where I feature bookish articles and reviews, but only related to funny books and the writers that create them. Funny books don’t get the love they deserve. It’s a great way to learn what’s out there in a book genre I’m obviously interested in while promoting likewise authors. In addition, Tomfoolery Press is my personal publishing imprint.

Q.4. Okay, now let's get down to the book: tell us about your latest release, MOLLY MIRANDA: THIEF FOR HIRE.

A.4. She’s a professional burglar, hired out to steal high-end items like jewelry and art. She sleeps with her roommate who doesn’t know the real Molly. She’s also partnered up with a Scottish thief who specializes in hacking and using gadgets. There’s action and guns and disguises and so much more. Oh, and hilarity ensues.

Q.5. What came first, the characters or the story itself?  How did the book happen for you?

A.5. I was looking for a book to read- the main character had to be a woman. The book had to be funny and action-based… and I couldn’t find anything. (I’ve come across a handful since I wrote my book, but not many.) So, I decided to write my own. Molly Miranda was born. I knew I wanted her to be a criminal of some kind and even considered making her an assassin, but I thought that might make it difficult to make her likeable. The premise was the first thing to come, then the character, then the story.

Q.6. What about your characters surprised you while writing?

A.6. Molly’s Scottish partner, Rhys, was originally going to be the villain! Not to say he doesn’t do some evil things in the book, but I loved writing him so much that I made him the perfect partner in crime for Molly. I don’t want to give any spoilers away, but he made it into the sequel too.

Q.7. How much of yourself is hidden in the characters in your books?

A.7. Molly is basically the badass chick I wish I could be. Writing her wisecracking interior monologue was so much fun and very easy because it’s basically my own interior monologue. It never stops, it never shuts up. Neither of us are very skilled in the domestic arts, she chews her nails like I do and we find a lot of the same traits in people appealing.

Q.8. What can we expect from you in the future?

A.8. I’m currently working on the Molly Miranda sequel. I’m hoping the series will have at least five books in it, with a short prequel in there too. I have an idea for a comedy chick lit novel unrelated to Molly Miranda but that’s on the back burner for now. I’d love to write a book of essays (a la Chuck Klosterman) someday but that’ll be way down the road somewhere.

Q.9. What is something that people would be surprised to know about you?

A.9. I am a huge English history nerd, particularly Tudor history. (I’d also like to point out that I loved it before The Tudors made it cool. Just throwing that out there.) I may or may not have Henry VIII’s initials tattooed on my body. I would love to write a historical fiction novel that takes place in the period but the genre is so over-saturated and I think I’d be too picky about getting historical details right.


The first two chapters of Molly Miranda are available for free HERE.


Jillianne Hamilton is a writer and graphic designer. She studied Journalism and Interactive Multimedia in college and her writing has been published in The Truro Daily News, The Sackville Tribune-Post, Macleans OnCampus and the PEI Writes 2013 Anthology. Jill grew up in Nova Scotia and now lives in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island on Canada’s east coast. She enjoys corgi GIF animations and chocolate cheese cake.

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