Summer has arrived on the beautiful Carolina coast and it’s tough not to turn our attention to the surf, sand, and sun.  But we launch Laugh Riot Press in August, and there’s a ton to do.  Not that we haven’t been busy.  We have.  Here’s an update of the big picture, the little picture, and all the pictures in between (including actual pictures).

Heather (LRP marketing director) is working on the website.  Every Laugh Riot Press writer will have their own Writer’s Page, and each of their books will have its own Book Page, so she’s designing my Writer’s Page and the individual pages for the three books I’m self-publishing with the August launch as templates for the writers that join us.

There’s a Home Page (of course), an About Page (more on that in a moment), a Join Page, a Contact Page, a FAQ Page (more on that in a moment too), a page to introduce all the writers and a page to introduce all the books.  Plus there’s the blog.

There’s a cool LRP theme that carries through everything we’re doing, but each page requires its own design, which is big deal.   The Laugh Riot Press blog—you’re reading it now—is a wonderful example of the overall design theme of the website.  Here's a tiny sneak peek of the home page:

This week, we shot the video for our About Page.  Bo McKenzie of Crane House handled production, and we think he got some fantastic footage.  Bo thinks so too, so that’s good.  (Stay tuned for a sneak peek of the video.)

While we were shooting the About Page video, William Fridrich of Fridrich Design took some terrific photographs of Heather and me for the website and other LRP marketing purposes.  William is a fabulous shooter, an excellent artist, a kick-ass cyclist, a connoisseur of cool, and one of my good friends, so it was super fun to shoot with him.  He got some great shots of us.  Take a look:

We’re creating lists of libraries and bookstores across the country that will become part of the impressive marketing package we’ll offer our writers, and Heather has been building Laugh Riot Press brand awareness and creating a presence on the important social media sites, which we’ll use to present and promote our funny writers and their books while we grow our mailing list.

I’m deep in production for all three of my novels.  Both of the McCall & Company covers—Workman’s Complication and Swollen Identity—are done, and the Juggler, Porn Star, Monkey Wrench cover is being designed as I write this blog—Derek Murphy of Creativindie is my cover artist.  52 Novels is doing the interior digital design of the books in the various formats I need to publish them in different online outlets, and I’ll be producing print-on-demand paperbacks as well.   

So that’s where we are and what we’re doing.  Now let’s play the next round of Laugh Riot Press 20 Questions.

Question #2 : Why Laugh Riot Press?

Answer #2: As I set about the business of self-publishing my three funny novels, I needed a publishing imprint to produce the books as well as a social media marketing company to present and promote me in the global digital marketplace.  I thought it would be fun and cool to create a digital hub where readers could find my books and the self-published funny books of other indie authors.  My vision was that these writers would join together under the Laugh Riot Press imprint and form a genre-specific community focused on exponentially maximizing the power of a year-round social media marketing movement, a community large enough to make some serious noise but small enough that every writer would get exceptional exposure.

Question #3 : Is social media marketing important for self-published writers?

Answer #3: Heck yes it is!  The sea change of self-publishing has created an online global marketplace, a worldwide bookstore, with readers looking for books on the web from every conceivable corner of the planet—reading and writing reviews, checking out covers, seeking out synopses.  Social media is the most effective way to reach the largest number of readers looking for specific material, the most explosive and efficient way for writers to present and promote themselves and their self-published books with the widest possible net and yet remain completely genre-specific.  To ignore the online platforms that currently exist and those that are forming is, well, bad business.  To access these platforms in half-hearted fashion is, well, half bad business.  Social media is not the only way to market yourself and your books, but it’s the best way to find the most readers and to drive those readers to your books.

We’re three months from lift off, and we’re excited.  We hope you’re excited too.

I’d love to know what you think.  Email me at

The more funny books in the world, the better.




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